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Join our Full-Time Freedom! Facebook group dedicated to helping you get on the road and live your RV/nomad life dreams. You will find resources, tips, and inspiration on everything from the transition to full-time travel, budgeting and finance for your travels, working remotely and running remote businesses. The group admins are full-time RVers with diverse backgrounds representing today’s modern nomadic traveler. Additionally, the admins are successful content creators with products such as ebooks, online courses, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, virtual summits, mastermind groups, and have a variety experience to share. We hope this group helps you build a community and your own “RV family”.

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Full-Time Freedom Week

If you missed the event, don’t worry! We have the information shared by 8 full-time RVers here. Whether you’re a newbie RVer, an expert RVer yourself, or are just in the planning and dreaming phases…there is something for everyone!

Full-Time Freedom Week Schedule


We’ve created some FREE checklists based on Liz Wilcox’s lunchtime tips for Full-Time Freedom. Click here to access them.


The panelists from Full-Time Freedom week all contributed products to the Full-Time Freedom Holiday Bundle, a collection of helpful products
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Below are the links to all videos from Full-Time Freedom Week. Just click on the title of the video to view.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Liz Wilcox Freedom Week Kickoff and Lunch Time Tips

Camille Attell Tips for Transitioning to RV Life and Working Remotely 

Bryanna Royale, Crazy Family Adventure: How To Start A Virtual Business So You Can Travel Full Time

Liz Wilcox Live Interview with Heath Padgett of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast

Virtual Campfire with Camille Attell and Crissa Boyink Part I

Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campfire with Camille Attell and Crissa Boyink Part II

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Liz Wilcox Lunch Time Tips: Full Timing with Kids

Follow Your Detour: Finance Your Detour Budget Program

Follow Your Detour: New RV Tour (Winnebago Navion)

Follow Your Detour: RV Budget Q&A Session

Chickery’s Travels: Full-Time RV Financial Lessons Learned

Chickery’s Travels: RV Finance Q&A Session

Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campfire with Follow Your Detour

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Liz Wilcox Lunchtime Tips: Internet for RVers with Camille Attell

Joe Hendrix: Photography Tips

Kyle & Olivia from Drivin’ and Vibin’: Creativity on the Road 

Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campfire with Eric Odom and Julie Chickery

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campfire

Friday, 24 November 2017

Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campfire with Full-Time Families, Exploring the Local Life, and Less Junk More Journey