Cooking in Your RV Kitchen

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Living in an RV, I had to learn quickly how to manage small kitchen cooking. In this article I’ll share a few lessons learned and some of my favorite recipes. Hope it inspires you to start cooking in your RV kitchen.

interior view of RV kitchen

My Set Up

Luckily, my countertop is large enough for my favorite appliances: Cuisinart mini food processor, 6-quart slow cooker, and Vitamix blender. My husband even has room for his single serving Keurig coffee machine and Nespresso expresso maker. I have a three burner propane stove top and propane stove that I use daily. I also have a microwave oven, but I don’t really use it very often. We’re considering converting it to a convection oven/microwave combination.

When downsizing from our 2,500+ square foot house to the RV, I decided to forgo the knife block and instead use a three-piece ceramic knife set that I keep in the drawer. I have a large glass cutting board that I leave out on the counter. It doubles as décor. I also purchased a set of cookware that I’ve been using for 3 years now, and am still very happy with.

You can see my set-up, and watch how I use my propane stovetop and oven to make three separate recipes: Shepherd’s Pie, Vegetable Soup, and Potato Salad in the video below.

Lessons Learned

A few things I’ve learned about small kitchen cooking include:

  • Pre-preparation. I try to do as much pre-prep as possible to make things simpler when it’s time to actual prepare a meal. For example, I’ll chop up veggies like peppers and onions and store them in the fridge. That way, when I need them for a stir fry or soup, they are ready to go. I’ll also make a big batch of rice and/or quinoa to use for several meals.
  • Clean as you go. There’s not a lot of space to work with so I clean and use measuring cups and utensils as I go.
  • Multi-task. I try to make dishes that use some of the same core ingredients so I can get more done in a day. For example, the recipes below all use potatoes. I’ll boil the potatoes and make the three dishes in the same day: a large batch of soup that we can have for a lunch a few days, potato salad for a side dish, and a lentil shepherd’s pie for dinner.

In episode 2, I make Potato Leek Soup and Green Smoothies using my Vitamix blender.

In episode 3, I make Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles and a Coconut Cream Fruit Salad.

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Note: We follow a plant-based diet meaning we don’t use any dairy, eggs, or meat. However, any of the recipes can easily be modified to include them. In fact, I’ve done so myself when we’ve had family visiting.

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