Essential RV Gear Guide

Guest post by Chickery’s Travels, a couple who have been working and living full-time in their RV for 3 years.

We compiled a list of the items we consider “must haves” for full-time RVing. In the beginning, we wasted a lot of money on things we didn’t need. Here we only share those items that we are still using 3 years later.

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Water Systems

Fresh Water Hose – Having a hose that is rated “drinking water safe” is critical for your RV. After using a very bulky water hose, we changed to this Zero-G Marine/RV Drinking Water Hose for its ease of storage on moving day. The flexible material allows is to fold up much smaller than a traditional water hose.

Water Pressure Regulator – A water pressure regulator is an insurance policy for your RV’s fresh water plumbing system.  Connect it to the campground’s city water connection to ensure you don’t exceed the recommended pressure (between 45 and 50 psi) and damage your RV water lines.

Water Filter System – If you want to protect your water lines from sediment that can create blockages, as well as filter your water for bacteria and other impurities, check out this simple DIY Water Filtration System.




Back Flush Hose – We use a collapsible garden hose for your back flush. You don’t need to waste money on one that is rating drinking water safe. This one compresses for easy storage.




 Sewer Hose – We use the RhinoFlex hose and the only piece we had to replace was the one we lost on the highway when Julie accidentally left it in the truck bed! We are glad we got the 20′ because not every campsite and dump station is created equal. Some are placed quite far from where you’d expect. The clear elbow and 4-in-1 dump station fitting will make life much simpler too.

Sewer Hose Support – This sewer hose support ramp keeps your hose off the ground, and assists in drainage. We actually have two for the occasions that we need the entire 20′ sewer hose.



Shower Head – One of the first things we changed in our RV was to this Oxygenics Shower Head. There are five different settings and we think it has terrific water pressure.


Surge Protector – Actually, the Progressive Electrical Management System is much more than a surge protector and we learned the hard way how valuable it is. We had a surge take out our power transfer switch, and it cost more than this to fix it. We have the external one, but they also make one that can be hard wired. They also make a 30 amp system.



Power Cord – The original power cord that came with our RV was so big and bulky, Julie had a hard time wrangling it into the basement storage. Since switching to this power cord, moving day is much simpler.


It is not just those RVing in humid climates that need this inexpensive preventive maintenance tool. If you shower, wash clothes, cook, or even breathe in your RV, you increase the relative humidity in the air and can create excessive condensation and moisture.  We use four dehumidifiers in our 44-foot fifth wheel.

In the bedroom and in the kitchen, we have an Eva-dry Electric Petite Portable Dehumidifier. These are small, but hard working. They are also very, very quiet. We recently had to replace one because it quit working. The other one is still going strong after 3 years. These are very quiet and easy to empty.


The other two dehumidifiers we use are Damp Rid Disposable Dehumidifiers. There is one in the bathroom and one in the garage. Once they are full, we throw them out and buy a new one. They last about 3-4 months.


Our RV mattress was so uncomfortable something had to be done about it right away. We tried the less expensive method first, and purchased a foam mattress topper and cut it to size (RV mattresses aren’t the same size as residential).  While this wasn’t a perfect fix, it was an improvement. After about six months full-time, we purchased a new custom mattress and couldn’t be happier.


Click here to see our kitchen set up.

Other Outdoor Items

Wheel covers – To protect our RV tires from the damaging rays of the sun, we purchased these triple axel tire covers. They also come in double and single.




Wheel chocks – We use this inexpensive set every time we park!


Satellite TV Wineguard – We use this Winegard Playmaker portable satellite antenna on a tripod to get our satellite signal.



Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chairs – We use these chairs for our outdoor seating area.




Outdoor RV SignSign – We love our outdoor sign we purchased from Craft Village two years ago. It has been outside in the elements since and we’ve noticed no sign of wear.